Pet Owner

Pet Owner Gear for the Range and Trail!


Dog Gone Western offers are fabulous variety of gear for the western pet owner.  Whether you’re at home on the range or traveling with your country dog, we offer all the supplies you’ll need.

All pet owners know that sometimes accidents happen in the house, so we plan to put together a variety of stain, odor and cleaning supplies to help keep your home free of pet stains and odors.  

Our vehicle and travel supplies are a must have when leaving home with your four-legged friend.  We think you’ll enjoy our practical and trendy food bags and water bowls that can accompany you whether you’re hiking the trails, or heading out for the weekend.   For home, we offer a fine selection of quality made products that can enhance your western dog’s access within the home.   Shop for the ideal doggie door for your pet, or make it easier for an elderly dog to get in and out of the car or truck with a ramp

Dog Gone Western also offers adorable apparel for your country and western dog.  Dressing your pooch in a sweater is not just a fashion statement, but a necessity when the cold winter wind blows.   Or how about a cowboy hat for a true four-legged partner?   We also invite you to stop back to take a peek at our Gifts for Dog Lovers.  Here we know you’ll find a great assortment of quality selections for anyone who appreciates and loves country and western dogs.