Keep your Western Dog Groomed!


Dog Gone Western offers a collection of grooming aids to help keep your western companion fresh and clean after a long day on the trail.  Let’s face it, even the most meticulous pet sometimes needs a little help with grooming.


Bathing your dog need not be a difficult ordeal.  Instead of visiting the groomer, you’ll save time and money handling the bathing on the ranch.  We plan to offer a selection of shampoos and conditioning products that will have your dog shiny, clean and smelling fresh.   


After a warm bath, most dogs love to be brushed.  Not only does it help remove knots and tangles in their fur, but it can be a relaxing and bonding experience with you.  Treat your pooch to a daily brushing, with any selection from our brushes and combs collection.  They will thank you!


Nail care is also an important part of pet grooming.    When a dog’s nails are too long, it can hamper their ability to walk and run correctly. Untrimmed nails can curl under and become very painful for a dog. Adapting their walking and running to deal with the discomfort of overly long nails can make their legs or feet sore.   Stop back often as we continue to add nail care essential to our collection.