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“Marion Morrison Was Born In Iowa In 1907, came West with his family in 1914, and pretty soon was being called “Duke” by everyone who knew him, after some local firefighters in Glendale, California, where the family eventually settled, thought it would be fun to give the boy the same nickname as his constant companion, a proud Airedale dog named Duke….” ~From the official John Wayne website biography…


Western Look Collars & Leashes


Here at Dog Gone Western, whether we are riding the range, fixing fences (or our home), attending a rodeo, hiking in the mountains, fishing a stream or camping in the Tetons, our dogs come along.  They are our companions and our family.  These canine buddies provide friendship and are profoundly loyal. 


That is why we have taken the time to find just the right collars and leashes for our western pet.  These dear animals will put up with so much and ask for so little in return.  We want to honor them with quality products that are right for them.


Dog Gone Western is proud to offer western themed collars, leashes and harnesses for your pet.  Shopping will take some thought and the options varied like a leather leash, or a braided leather collar.  Look closer and you can find fishing collars for those river trips and many other fun options for your favorite four-legged friend and companion.


Our choke free harnesses are designed with your pets’ safety in mind.  With adjustable buckles for sizing, our harnesses are comfortably stylish and very easy to use.  Available in a variety of styles and colors, we’re sure you’ll find the right one for your western dog. 


Stop back often as we continue to add to our collars and leashes collection to bring you the best for your pet.