Beds, Houses

A Cozy Place to Rest for your Western Dog


Here at Dog Gone Western we believe every dog should have a special place to rest each night, to be able to wake refreshed, and ready for whatever a new day brings.  That’s why we have chosen to offer a great collection of beds and houses for your western dog, so he or she has a place to sleep and rest in comfort and security.

Our dog beds are available in a variety of sizes for every size dog, from miniature to extra-large.   Our beds are also available in a variety of colors and styles to mix or match with any type of indoor or outdoor décor.  It’s easy to add a western theme to your pet’s special place!   Your pet will feel a sense of security, and warmth while nestled with their blanket atop a cozy bed.   We also offer bed covers to help keep your companions bed clean and fresh.   Spoil your furry friend with a comfy blanket that can also be used in the truck for a quick trip to the back forty or nestled within their house.

Dog Gone Western also offers a collection of dog houses that will keep your pooch safe and protected from the outdoor elements.  Our dog houses are also available in many different styles and sizes and are easy to assemble.  All are designed with weather-proof construction and a raised floor to allow for air circulation.   The Nantucket will provide a stylish and colorful house for your precious pooch, and our Rustic dog house, which is suitable for larger breeds is ideal for a country home.   

Whatever your choice, we feel that is you treat your companion to a safe and secure place to lay their head each day, they will reward you with their affection and love forever.