About Us | Dog Gone Western

We love pets (dogs, cats, horses, cows, chickens, geese…more!!...) and the country life.  This is our way of combining the two and sharing the joy of this lifestyle. 


This idea started when we couldn’t find a source that showcased more than one manufacturer (or artisan for that matter) for western themed dog products.  Oh, you can find some country themed supplies, but true western was a bit different.  So…we thought of a catchy name “Dog Gone Western” and sat on it for five years.  Yes, five years…


What were we doing those last five years?  Well they were about family and work.  Our daughter was attending college and we were all working.  AND we added a dog to the family…   There were weddings, graduations, family reunions, conferences and even funerals to attend.  Our daughter, Natalie, graduated and just recently one of us has gotten close to retirement. 


During those five years, what surged forward was the desire to do something that we could personally create, share, grow and give back.  Perhaps this was a mid-life transformation.  Dog Gone Western started to take form…


We should take a break and show you our dogs.  Bear, the golden retriever, is a 2007 model and Cubby, the Great Pyrenees, is a 2013 pup.  Both are a bit large….DogGoneWestern.com Products Supplies Cubby (Great Pyrenees), Bear (Golden Retriever)


Which leads to this point.  Why now?  Well, we felt that dedicating the time to do this was critical.  We wanted this site to be right and supported by an experienced e-commerce consulting firm.  We wanted to gather the right products.   We wanted to find western themed dog items for our canine friends.  We thought that adding items for us personally would be fun.  We just needed the time and resources to do it, hence the time lapse.


So in 2016, Dog Gone Western was brought to life and we are thrilled that you have found the site.  As you look through, you will notice that we have tried to provide something at every price point.  We are constantly sourcing product and so naturally things will come and go.  Some will ship from us but most will ship directly from the manufacturer (that will help keep the cost down). 


We are not a huge corporation, just a family passionate about dogs, the country western life and putting something good into the world.  We have a great support team and besides the family, get help from a few others!  As you look through, you will notice products that range from collars and leashesbowls and feedersdog houses to items for us dog owners….all with a western theme of course.


We would be remiss if we didn't mention to please let us know if you find a wonderful western themed dog product manufacturer.  We'd love to check them out and see if there is a fit here.  Send an email to contactus@DogGoneWestern.com or call the office at 800-364-8026.  Our goal is to be your one source for all your country western themed dog products!


We did mention above that our goal is to also give back.  Yes, Dog Gone Western provides western themed dog products and information, but it was important to us that we also give back (one of these times, when we meet in person, we are happy to share our journey of people helping us).  We felt the best way to pay-it-forward was to donate a portion of each purchase to a deserving canine non-profit foundation.  As you can imagine, there are many, many wonderful foundations which made it hard to narrow the field.  However, there are a couple groups that are near and dear to our hearts.  Thus with each online purchase we will donate to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) or a canine rescue ranch located in the United States.  All donations are given to a certified 501(c)3 organization.


Finally, we will leave you with a bit of thought.  Back in the day, Roy Rogers had a dog named bullet on his TV show.  For six years, Bullet, the Wonder Dog, did everything a good dog should do. He forewarned Roy when bad guys were near and chased the bad guys (black hats) when necessary.  Bullet was fast enough to keep up with Roy galloping on his horse Trigger when in pursuit of something, and was smart enough to help the show stars Roy Rogers and Dale Evans when they were in a jam.  (Bullet lived a great life as the pet of Roy and Dale in real life).  Well, we think there is a little bit of wonder in life and wonder dog in all living creatures (if we give them a chance).  Let’s perpetuate the positive and keep out the negative.


Happy Tail-Wagging Trails,

~Tamara and the "Dog Gone Western" Family!